It is the middle of April—exactly. I was scheduled to take my paintings to Door County today for the May 4th season opening at Fine Line Designs in Ephraim. That trip was cancelled due to the 18 to 30 inches of snow that fell in Door County yesterday and today and the wintry mix of sleet, rain, and snow that fell in southern Wisconsin. While winter stubbornly refuses to release its grip on the upper Midwest, I am thinking—and painting—Summer! “Cairns and Kayaks at Cave Point” is just a sample of the work I’m taking to Fine Line Designs this year.

Door County’s Cave Point, located on the peninsula’s “quiet side,” is a spot well-known for blustery winds and turbulent waves. Over time, these conditions have created the rock formations that give the area its name and provide the variety of recreational activities to be found in that little county park.

Whatever the weather conditions, Cave Point is a favorite destination of photographers, while trails and cliffs provide opportunities for hikers and climbers. The rocky beaches give rise to amazing cairns—casually constructed or carefully engineered by sure-footed visitors. Limestone ledges above deep, (sometimes) quiet pools invite daredevils to jump or dive. The caves created by the wave action, as well as shipwrecks visible in the clear waters of Lake Michigan, beckon kayakers to explore and discover. No matter the season, Cave Point affords many diversions for the adventurous!

If you’re heading to Door County in 2018 be sure to add a stop at Fine Line Designs to your itinerary to see more of my work as well as the wide variety of work by the many talented artists represented there. And if you’re closer to Milwaukee, stop in Cedarburg at the The Pink Llama Gallery to see more of my paintings.


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