This spring I was truly honored to be asked to submit a painting for the “Celebrate Clean Water!” Invitational Exhibit at the Miller Art Museum in Sturgeon Bay. This image—“Catch and Release”—immediately popped into my head and fairly dripped from my brush onto my board. Careful inspection will reveal inclusion of many of the fish species found in Lake Michigan today.

Fishing is probably the oldest and most enduring reason to celebrate the waters of Door County. Today’s sport fishermen are very conscious of sharing the thrill of the catch with fishermen of the future and are invested in “catch and release.” Sometimes they are “encouraged” in this ethos by helpful mermaids. (And, yes! There are mermaids in the waters of Door County. Sources reveal they have been occasionally spotted on the rocks below Sherwood Point Lighthouse.)

After July 19, “Catch and Release” will be available at Fine Line Designs Gallery, just north of Ephraim in Door County. Be sure to check it out as well as my other paintings being exhibited and sold at this beautiful gallery!


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