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Hooray for the Red-White-and-Blue!

Acrylic on board

Original, 18” x 14” framed

Limited edition giclees available

About the Painting

I love a parade—in particular those that revolve around our American patriotic holidays: Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day and, most especially, Independence Day—the glorious 4th of July! These parades wouldn’t be complete without vintage cars, gaudy floats, military members in their dress uniforms, kids on decorated bikes or wagons, costumed folks and pets, prize-winning livestock, and, of course, a waving beauty queen or two. Best of all is the rumble you feel in the pit of your stomach as the big bass drums herald the approach of a high-stepping band playing a rousing Sousa march! Whether in a big city, small town, or rural road, the parades all share a bounty of the stars and stripes in flags, bunting, and even the clothing carefully chosen to express the patriotism of parade participants and cheering audiences. Can you feel the excitement? Here comes the parade! Hooray for the red-white-and-blue!