photo - Kristin Simons

The Roadside Stand

Acrylic on board

Original, SOLD

Limited edition giclees can be made available

About the Painting

There was a time, not long ago, when farm stands dotted well-traveled roads and quiet lanes of the upper Midwest countryside. Built and stocked by the farm family, these small structures provided farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as seasonal flowers and decorations and, sometimes, even cider, homemade jams, and pies, for their customers. A simple pleasure for an urban or suburban family was a drive through the autumn countryside to enjoy the fall colors and find the crispest apples and the illusive “perfect” pumpkin.

As more farmers travel to farmers’ markets in cities and small towns to sell their harvest, the roadside farm stands are gradually disappearing. A closed-for-the-season roadside stand on the edge of a cherry orchard in southern Door County was the inspiration for this painting. I took a lot of artistic liberty with this image, beginning by turning the cherry orchard into an apple orchard. Nonetheless, I believe I captured the essence of the farm stand and the way of life that still supports the concept of “farm fresh.”

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